Eizper Chain

The New Blockchain Game, Eizper Chain is Calling You to Be the First Adventurers in Town! Are You Up for It?

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Do you know how many days is left until Eizper Chain’s Alpha launch? It’s exactly FOUR DAYS LEFT! Hooray! 

After a long journey, it feels like Eizper Chain is finally coming home. For gamers, games are their home and we hope that you would feel likewise. Eizper Chain’s Alpha stage will be launched on October 21st, 2021. What can you expect? Well, let’s find out!

As a Solana based ARPG game, you can indulge in all sorts of adventures and mysteries. You can read more about the stories and lore on our website, at www.eizperchain.com. In the adventure, you will be accompanied by Kriss or Harly, our main heroes! Together, you will train to be the greatest hero who can save Eizper.

Being a blockchain game, Eizper Chain is supported by Solana. So your cryptocurrency funds are totally safe and secure! Moreover, you can also get free NFTs when you register for the Alpha launch! Later on, this NFT will be useful for your in-game benefits. For example, if you have the Lobus NFT, you can get better loot drops every time you fight these flying skulls. If you have the Chanty NFT, you can get discounts at Chanty’s store. And if you get Kriss or Harly’s NFT, you can still play as them, even after the Alpha version! There are different types of NFTs, ranging from characters and enemies to weapons NFTs! These NFTs are also a way for players to earn real money through playing Eizper Chain. Read more about cryptocurrency and the blockchain system in our past article!

One more delightful thing about Eizper Chain is the people. Here you will get to meet an assortment of characters each with different and unique personalities as well as specialties! Meeting these characters is a delight because you also get to know them intimately. Spend some time with them and you will be mesmerized by their lives! They also have different jobs and functions in town. For example, you can go to Geovaldi to upgrade your weapons or visit Chanty to buy items for all your journeying needs. You can interact with them and make Windenfel merrier than ever!

Beyond the safe gates of Windenfel, you can have a change of air and challenge yourself to walk the deep dank walls of the Pirate Graveyard. It’d be different if these walls were empty, but they are actually populated by the risen dead of the Pirates, so unsheathe your swords and get ready for battle, adventurers! Hardy players who manage to beat this Dungeon and plunder many of the Pirates’ legendary loot, may even be able to upgrade and sell their high level Weapons as NFTs in Eizper Chain’s subsequent patches and updates. Weapon NFTs of the like would be able to gain currency for players which can later be converted into Solana.

Sign up now for the Alpha launch on our website and be among the first adventurers to step on Eizper’s land! The registration is open until October 20th, 15:00 pm UTC. Windenfel and Eizper’s hopes are in your hands. Are you ready for a great adventure and life-changing journey?

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