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A Game is Born: Eizper Chain Alpha Launch

Pemenang give away NFT pada acara Alpha Launch ( 21 Okt 2021)

Ladies and gentlemen, warlocks and witches, mythic beasts and flying pirates, we proudly announce that the Alpha version of Eizper Chain has been launched! The momentous event took place on Thursday, 21st October 2021 with a hybrid of physical and digital activities. 

The physical launch took place in Mod Esports Arena at Jalan Purnawarman, Bandung. At the gamers arcade space there were just under a hundred players from guys, girls, older gamers, professional gamers, all the way to dark lords in disguises who played with the two Playable Characters of the Alpha Version: Kriss and/or Harly. Worldwide, the Alpha Version can be accessed from our website. At the moment, it is only released for Windows PC.

The online press conference of the launch was attended by various reporters and journalists from esports media all the way to business and tech media, since our game features Play and Earn opportunities for gamers. We would like to thank all our media partners for getting the word out there about the Eizper Chain. Thank you for the support, partners.

Since the launch, precious feedback has been received from the gaming community on how we can develop and better the game for Beta Version. On our Discord channel, some of the feedback included cool music (always a plus for games), great visuals, and beautiful 3D animations. Gamers all over the world also gave their thoughts on sound effects, camera angles and options, and the various technical bugs crawling around Windenfel. Feedbacks like this are priceless, and our team would also like to deeply thank every single person who tried out our Alpha Version and shared with us such detailed comments. Thank you for your time and love, players!

An African proverb says that “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”. It is our intention to go far with and within the Eizper Chain, so let’s go together, learn new skills, earn some side income, make new friends, and most importantly enjoy the game!


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