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Eizper Chain’s Patch V 0.0.3 Is Here!


Being the behind-the-scenes of Eizper Chain, an RPG blockchain game, we know that a game developer’s job is never truly done. If you have played the Alpha version of Eizper Chain, you may have noticed that the game still needs lots of development. Well, good news for you: Eizper Chain will get a fresh new update very soon!

Before we spill more tea, here’s an intro for those of you who have just discovered us. Eizper Chain is an RPG-blockchain game, set up in a fantasy world. If you love steampunk fantasy worlds, then you would love our graphics! In this world, chimeras and mythical beasts roam all over the land. The fate of Eizper is in your hands! Would you take the chance and save this falling world?

Currently, Eizper Chain is still in the Alpha phase and will get better and better as time goes. Well, as we said earlier, Eizper Chain will also be getting a brand new update very soon! The V 0.0.3 patch will mainly focus on the graphic and UI. The new UI will be more comfortable for players to play with, as it has lots of options and is easier to access. We also love the strong steampunk elements in the corners!

Beside that, there will be one new boss enemy to tackle: the Hulkjouster! The Hulkjouster is a huge lumbering automaton which runs on steam. It is much much bigger than mere Skeleton Chainsaws and Skeleton Glocks, and of course harder to beat. Here’s a tip: train with Rudion with all your might, because it takes a very well-trained warrior to beat this steam giant! The Hulkjouster might be a horror to all young warriors, but there is nothing too big or too hard for a great player. Consequentially, if you’re strong and witty enough, you should be able to survive and win the fight.

The new patch will take some time to come out, so meanwhile, you can try our Alpha version if you haven’t! You can register here and our messengers will deliver the game right to your doorstep! Check out our Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates. See you in Eizper, Adventurers!

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