Eizper Chain

How Do PVE Games Become Interesting?

A little while ago, we had a chance to ask some of our gamer friends about what they love in gaming. Some of them said they love the beautiful graphics, the enchanting background music, the game storyline, and many more! To conclude it all, they all love the diverting experience a game offers. Playing games can be more fun with friends, sure. But we can’t deny that lots of the most popular games are the one which has the PvE or players-versus-enemies system.

Somehow, PvE games have their own amusement which you can’t get in PvP games. One example is Eizper Chain. This fantasy-adventure RPG game puts its leisure in exploring and combating. As a gamer, we always long for a new experience and a fascinating adventure. In Eizper Chain, you can find some fun and thrill in exploring Eizper, a magical land full of roaming chimeras. The thrill of sneaking around an unknown land and combating face-to-face with a dangerous chimera is irreplaceable. It feels like somewhere, in our mind and in our heart, the mysterious, enchanting land truly exists. A great game world always has a special place in the hearts of its players, and thus, Eizper Chain’s world is unique for the players.

Besides defeating the chimeras, you can also explore Windenfel, a small town in Eizper! Windenfel is where your story begins. Here, you can meet the unique townsfolk. From the cheerful Chanty and Mery to the serious Rudion and the old Geovaldi, you can always find something new in Eizper!

A while ago, a new area is also open for exploration. The Northern Mining Ground is a new area that connects Windenfel and the Pirate Graveyard. Here, you can meet totally different types of enemies, ranging from the easy ones to the boss. Afraid of losing? You can train beforehand in the area under Rudion’s supervision! You can also upgrade your weapon at Geovaldi’s.

Some days, Eizper Chain also holds special events. For example, last winter, there is the Winter Showdown in which you can fight enemies and bring home some special flowers for Mery’s infamous winter party. If you succeed, you can get various gifts and thanks from the townsfolk! Fun, isn’t it?

Playing games on your own is a great way to spend time with only yourself. Moreover, if you love exploring and combating, Eizper Chain is the perfect game for you! Want to try and prove that you are strong enough to defeat the chimeras? You can visit Eizper Chain’s website on www.eizperchain.com and give the game a try!

PVE & PVP Eizper

If you are a gamer, you might be familiar with the PvP and PvE terms. PvP is short for player versus player, and PvE is short for player versus enemies. In PvP, the characters are controlled by humans. PvP supports direct competition between real human players. Meanwhile, in PvE, the characters are controlled by humans on one side, and by the system on the other side. You will be competing against the NPCs (Non-player-characters) controlled by the system. You might have your own preferences between these two gaming modes, but luckily, you can play both modes in Eizper Chain!

Eizper Chain is a fantasy-adventure game designed in the steampunk aesthetic. In Eizper Chain, you can beat unique mythical chimeras, befriend the townsfolk, and more! The storyline is also developing as the game goes on. If you love exploring an unknown land and beating chimeras, then this game is for you!

In the PvE mode, you can explore the land and beat the chimeras. There are different types of chimeras, such as the Lobus, Skeleton Chainsaw, Skeleton Glock, Necro Pirate  and also bosses like the Hulkjouster. The skill required varies between the enemies, so you have to train harder to beat some high-level enemies! In the upcoming Northern Mining Ground update, new chimeras will appear. These new chimeras have different specialties and thus, might be harder to beat than the pirate folks.

Feel like you’re not skilled enough to beat some chimeras? Worry not, you can train with Rudion in the Arena! The Arena is specially built for explorers who want to train their fighting skill. In the Arena, you can beat waves of chimeras, and thus, you will be tougher every time you practice in the Arena.

Beside the fighting, there are also some NPCs you can interact with. In Windenfel, you can upgrade your weapons by visiting Geovaldi, buy the things you need by visiting Mery and Chanty, and also train in the Arena under Rudion’s supervision. Seasonal quests also took place within the game and you often have to interact with these NPCs, so check Eizper Chain’s social media for recent quests and special event updates!

The PvP mode is currently being developed by Eizper Chain’s blacksmiths, so you have to wait a bit longer to play together with your friends. Meanwhile, you can train harder and be a pro explorer and warrior. So, later when you play together with other explorers, you can be the best!

Both PvP and PvE modes have their own pros and cons. They come with different difficulties and specialties, but what matters is how you play and train. Are you ready to be the greatest explorer in Eizper Chain?

Update V.0.0.4

You better watch out, you better train hard, you better prepare, and We’re telling you why: new monsters are coming to town!

This winter, the play-to-earn blockchain game, Eizper Chain is bringing new joy to their players. Yup, we have lots in store to surprise you all! There is enough in stock to entertain your holidays at home. But as life has good and bad things, there are some good things to enjoy, too, and new challenges to face. After all, how can we improve without new challenges?

The first one, there is a new area to explore! The Northern Mining Grounds is now open for adventurers. It is a field that connects Windenfel with the Pirate Graveyard. As the Windenfel townsfolk are mostly miners, the Northern Mining Grounds is important to them. If you are an adventurer at heart, the news of a new area to explore might make you dance with joy. But beware, behind the shadows, new enemies and bosses you have never met yet lurk. They are unique and different from the undead pirates in the Pirate Graveyard. They have different specialties, abilities, and ways to keep you out of their territory! But still, it is your job to keep the area safe for the miners. So, before you jump into the new area, make sure that you are ready. Train hard at the Arena with Rudion!

The second one, as said before, there are new enemies and bosses for you to tackle! One of the enemies is the Gholius, from whom you can get various kinds of rewards. You can also defeat a Gholius to finish Mery’s year-end party quest! The loot differs from common to very rare based on your luck. You can get a boulder shard, an amber ore, or even a very rare Gholius heart! Just pray that you are lucky enough to get rare and very rare loot! Later on, you can also buy NFTs to make your chances of getting rare loot even higher.

For the other enemies and bosses, you have to find them for yourself when you enter the Northern Mining Ground. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth the training Rudion gave you! Moreover, it is totally worth it for the precious loot. Psst… you can also try and use the new chance weapon feature to defeat the enemies in the Northern Mining Ground!

There are lots of new things to learn, more things to do, and new challenges to tackle. But in the end, there is more fun to spend your holiday with! So get up and get going, adventurers! Rudion will be furious if you’re slow as a slug while new adventures and dangers are coming. See you in Eizper, adventurers!

Holiday Event Recap

2021 has ended! How has your year been? We hope that it’s been a great year for you! This year was a great one for Eizper Chain, as we got to meet you all and see our game come to life in the hands of great players! The Winter Event has also ended merrily. Did you succeed in finding the flowers Mery needed to hold her winter party?

In the Winter Event, there were a lot of things to do. You had to gather a lot of flowers which were challenging to find. From beating the Hulkjouster to a Gholius, it has been a tough journey to collect all the flowers! But we should also thank the flowers, because by collecting them you’ve gotten tougher and tougher. Now, you don’t have to worry when you come face to face with a Hulkjouster or a Gholius anymore because you have beaten them at least once (or twice) each! Rudion is totally proud of you. Great job, warriors! Eizper’s townsfolk thank you for being brave heroes who saved the winter party

In this season, we also welcome a new boss enemy: the Hulkjouster! Have you heard that a Hulkjouster was once a knight? Yes, even loyal knights dare to break their sacred oaths for more glory. Long ago, the Hulkjouster broke his oath to a wicked king. He turned his back upon his country and rebuilt his glory between the Cyroclone pirates. Sadly, when he succeeded, the mighty ship and pirate empire came to a tragic end in the Eurus’ crash. In his despair and stubbornness to live, the Hulkjouster exchanged his soul for a magical engine that would keep him immortal.

The Hulkjouster might make you feel very small because he is so many times bigger than the other pirates. But worry not! As Rudion often says, no enemy is too big for a wise fighter. As long as you keep going and train your mind, you can beat this steam giant by your strength and your cleverness. Also, there are hefty rewards for those who take this steam giant down. So beat the Hulkjouster and bring the rewards home!

With the recent updates, the Northern Mining Grounds is also going to be opened. New enemies are roaming the place and you have to visit and keep Windenfel safe from them! There are endless jobs to do, but a good warrior should never deny a good rest! It’s the holiday season, so besides being busy, don’t forget to rest and have a good time with your closest ones. Eizper Chain will always be here to welcome you home. We will keep expanding, updating, getting better, and our blacksmiths are always open for some advice or inputs! We would like to say thank you for all of you who have supported Eizper this year, we truly love you all. Have a great holiday and a happy new year, everyone!

Eizper Chain’s Patch V 0.0.3 Is Here!

Being the behind-the-scenes of Eizper Chain, an RPG blockchain game, we know that a game developer’s job is never truly done. If you have played the Alpha version of Eizper Chain, you may have noticed that the game still needs lots of development. Well, good news for you: Eizper Chain will get a fresh new update very soon!

Before we spill more tea, here’s an intro for those of you who have just discovered us. Eizper Chain is an RPG-blockchain game, set up in a fantasy world. If you love steampunk fantasy worlds, then you would love our graphics! In this world, chimeras and mythical beasts roam all over the land. The fate of Eizper is in your hands! Would you take the chance and save this falling world?

Currently, Eizper Chain is still in the Alpha phase and will get better and better as time goes. Well, as we said earlier, Eizper Chain will also be getting a brand new update very soon! The V 0.0.3 patch will mainly focus on the graphic and UI. The new UI will be more comfortable for players to play with, as it has lots of options and is easier to access. We also love the strong steampunk elements in the corners!

Beside that, there will be one new boss enemy to tackle: the Hulkjouster! The Hulkjouster is a huge lumbering automaton which runs on steam. It is much much bigger than mere Skeleton Chainsaws and Skeleton Glocks, and of course harder to beat. Here’s a tip: train with Rudion with all your might, because it takes a very well-trained warrior to beat this steam giant! The Hulkjouster might be a horror to all young warriors, but there is nothing too big or too hard for a great player. Consequentially, if you’re strong and witty enough, you should be able to survive and win the fight.

The new patch will take some time to come out, so meanwhile, you can try our Alpha version if you haven’t! You can register here and our messengers will deliver the game right to your doorstep! Check out our Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates. See you in Eizper, Adventurers!

Eizper Chain is Back with a New Look!

What do you seek in a game? Is it the fun, the adventure, the friends, or even more… the experience? For most players, what they actually seek is a pleasing way to spend their time, also known as experience. When you open a game, the first thing you seek would rarely be inspecting the design or thinking deeply about the character. Instead, you are usually more absorbed in the story, the gameplay, or even the quests! The experience is what makes players stay in the game and thus, is considered an important point, including in Eizper Chain.

Talking about user experience, we are committed to providing a great adventure, or as we like to call it: eizperience for you! Hence, this time, we listened to your inputs and decided to upgrade our UI! Now, what does UI have to do with a great user experience?

UI or User Interface Design is the design you see on the interface of an application. UI is very impactful towards user experience, as they can make the application easier for the user to use. Because of that, this time we updated some things regarding the UI. We added a map to make it easier for you to explore around, plus the HP and gauge bar for special moves are now visible on your screen in order to ensure easier access and control! Exploring Eizper has never been easier than this.

Moreover, for you fighters, now you can see the boss HP! So, you can plan your strategy ahead by considering the Boss’ remaining HP. Tackle your fighting quests with the help from our new UI and win rewards aplenty!

One more thing, we also updated some menu styles. Eizper Chain is a game designed with a steampunk aesthetic in mind, so the in-game menus have been updated to match the style. The design is now in harmony with one another and it is so pleasing to look at, don’t you agree?

With the new UI, exploring Eizper is now simpler and more comfy! We hope that with the new UI, you can play Eizper Chain more naturally and indulge in the adventure. If you haven’t tried Eizper Chain and want to be an adventurer, then you can check our website for the registration link. Get the game and feel the eizperience now!

A Game is Born: Eizper Chain Alpha Launch

Pemenang give away NFT pada acara Alpha Launch ( 21 Okt 2021)

Ladies and gentlemen, warlocks and witches, mythic beasts and flying pirates, we proudly announce that the Alpha version of Eizper Chain has been launched! The momentous event took place on Thursday, 21st October 2021 with a hybrid of physical and digital activities. 

The physical launch took place in Mod Esports Arena at Jalan Purnawarman, Bandung. At the gamers arcade space there were just under a hundred players from guys, girls, older gamers, professional gamers, all the way to dark lords in disguises who played with the two Playable Characters of the Alpha Version: Kriss and/or Harly. Worldwide, the Alpha Version can be accessed from our website. At the moment, it is only released for Windows PC.

The online press conference of the launch was attended by various reporters and journalists from esports media all the way to business and tech media, since our game features Play and Earn opportunities for gamers. We would like to thank all our media partners for getting the word out there about the Eizper Chain. Thank you for the support, partners.

Since the launch, precious feedback has been received from the gaming community on how we can develop and better the game for Beta Version. On our Discord channel, some of the feedback included cool music (always a plus for games), great visuals, and beautiful 3D animations. Gamers all over the world also gave their thoughts on sound effects, camera angles and options, and the various technical bugs crawling around Windenfel. Feedbacks like this are priceless, and our team would also like to deeply thank every single person who tried out our Alpha Version and shared with us such detailed comments. Thank you for your time and love, players!

An African proverb says that “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”. It is our intention to go far with and within the Eizper Chain, so let’s go together, learn new skills, earn some side income, make new friends, and most importantly enjoy the game!


The New Blockchain Game, Eizper Chain is Calling You to Be the First Adventurers in Town! Are You Up for It?

6 Days To Go-01

Do you know how many days is left until Eizper Chain’s Alpha launch? It’s exactly FOUR DAYS LEFT! Hooray! 

After a long journey, it feels like Eizper Chain is finally coming home. For gamers, games are their home and we hope that you would feel likewise. Eizper Chain’s Alpha stage will be launched on October 21st, 2021. What can you expect? Well, let’s find out!

As a Solana based ARPG game, you can indulge in all sorts of adventures and mysteries. You can read more about the stories and lore on our website, at www.eizperchain.com. In the adventure, you will be accompanied by Kriss or Harly, our main heroes! Together, you will train to be the greatest hero who can save Eizper.

Being a blockchain game, Eizper Chain is supported by Solana. So your cryptocurrency funds are totally safe and secure! Moreover, you can also get free NFTs when you register for the Alpha launch! Later on, this NFT will be useful for your in-game benefits. For example, if you have the Lobus NFT, you can get better loot drops every time you fight these flying skulls. If you have the Chanty NFT, you can get discounts at Chanty’s store. And if you get Kriss or Harly’s NFT, you can still play as them, even after the Alpha version! There are different types of NFTs, ranging from characters and enemies to weapons NFTs! These NFTs are also a way for players to earn real money through playing Eizper Chain. Read more about cryptocurrency and the blockchain system in our past article!

One more delightful thing about Eizper Chain is the people. Here you will get to meet an assortment of characters each with different and unique personalities as well as specialties! Meeting these characters is a delight because you also get to know them intimately. Spend some time with them and you will be mesmerized by their lives! They also have different jobs and functions in town. For example, you can go to Geovaldi to upgrade your weapons or visit Chanty to buy items for all your journeying needs. You can interact with them and make Windenfel merrier than ever!

Beyond the safe gates of Windenfel, you can have a change of air and challenge yourself to walk the deep dank walls of the Pirate Graveyard. It’d be different if these walls were empty, but they are actually populated by the risen dead of the Pirates, so unsheathe your swords and get ready for battle, adventurers! Hardy players who manage to beat this Dungeon and plunder many of the Pirates’ legendary loot, may even be able to upgrade and sell their high level Weapons as NFTs in Eizper Chain’s subsequent patches and updates. Weapon NFTs of the like would be able to gain currency for players which can later be converted into Solana.

Sign up now for the Alpha launch on our website and be among the first adventurers to step on Eizper’s land! The registration is open until October 20th, 15:00 pm UTC. Windenfel and Eizper’s hopes are in your hands. Are you ready for a great adventure and life-changing journey?