Eizper Chain

Holiday Event Recap

2021 has ended! How has your year been? We hope that it’s been a great year for you! This year was a great one for Eizper Chain, as we got to meet you all and see our game come to life in the hands of great players! The Winter Event has also ended merrily. Did you succeed in finding the flowers Mery needed to hold her winter party?

In the Winter Event, there were a lot of things to do. You had to gather a lot of flowers which were challenging to find. From beating the Hulkjouster to a Gholius, it has been a tough journey to collect all the flowers! But we should also thank the flowers, because by collecting them you’ve gotten tougher and tougher. Now, you don’t have to worry when you come face to face with a Hulkjouster or a Gholius anymore because you have beaten them at least once (or twice) each! Rudion is totally proud of you. Great job, warriors! Eizper’s townsfolk thank you for being brave heroes who saved the winter party

In this season, we also welcome a new boss enemy: the Hulkjouster! Have you heard that a Hulkjouster was once a knight? Yes, even loyal knights dare to break their sacred oaths for more glory. Long ago, the Hulkjouster broke his oath to a wicked king. He turned his back upon his country and rebuilt his glory between the Cyroclone pirates. Sadly, when he succeeded, the mighty ship and pirate empire came to a tragic end in the Eurus’ crash. In his despair and stubbornness to live, the Hulkjouster exchanged his soul for a magical engine that would keep him immortal.

The Hulkjouster might make you feel very small because he is so many times bigger than the other pirates. But worry not! As Rudion often says, no enemy is too big for a wise fighter. As long as you keep going and train your mind, you can beat this steam giant by your strength and your cleverness. Also, there are hefty rewards for those who take this steam giant down. So beat the Hulkjouster and bring the rewards home!

With the recent updates, the Northern Mining Grounds is also going to be opened. New enemies are roaming the place and you have to visit and keep Windenfel safe from them! There are endless jobs to do, but a good warrior should never deny a good rest! It’s the holiday season, so besides being busy, don’t forget to rest and have a good time with your closest ones. Eizper Chain will always be here to welcome you home. We will keep expanding, updating, getting better, and our blacksmiths are always open for some advice or inputs! We would like to say thank you for all of you who have supported Eizper this year, we truly love you all. Have a great holiday and a happy new year, everyone!