Eizper Chain

Update V.0.0.4

You better watch out, you better train hard, you better prepare, and We’re telling you why: new monsters are coming to town!

This winter, the play-to-earn blockchain game, Eizper Chain is bringing new joy to their players. Yup, we have lots in store to surprise you all! There is enough in stock to entertain your holidays at home. But as life has good and bad things, there are some good things to enjoy, too, and new challenges to face. After all, how can we improve without new challenges?

The first one, there is a new area to explore! The Northern Mining Grounds is now open for adventurers. It is a field that connects Windenfel with the Pirate Graveyard. As the Windenfel townsfolk are mostly miners, the Northern Mining Grounds is important to them. If you are an adventurer at heart, the news of a new area to explore might make you dance with joy. But beware, behind the shadows, new enemies and bosses you have never met yet lurk. They are unique and different from the undead pirates in the Pirate Graveyard. They have different specialties, abilities, and ways to keep you out of their territory! But still, it is your job to keep the area safe for the miners. So, before you jump into the new area, make sure that you are ready. Train hard at the Arena with Rudion!

The second one, as said before, there are new enemies and bosses for you to tackle! One of the enemies is the Gholius, from whom you can get various kinds of rewards. You can also defeat a Gholius to finish Mery’s year-end party quest! The loot differs from common to very rare based on your luck. You can get a boulder shard, an amber ore, or even a very rare Gholius heart! Just pray that you are lucky enough to get rare and very rare loot! Later on, you can also buy NFTs to make your chances of getting rare loot even higher.

For the other enemies and bosses, you have to find them for yourself when you enter the Northern Mining Ground. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth the training Rudion gave you! Moreover, it is totally worth it for the precious loot. Psst… you can also try and use the new chance weapon feature to defeat the enemies in the Northern Mining Ground!

There are lots of new things to learn, more things to do, and new challenges to tackle. But in the end, there is more fun to spend your holiday with! So get up and get going, adventurers! Rudion will be furious if you’re slow as a slug while new adventures and dangers are coming. See you in Eizper, adventurers!