Eizper Chain

PVE & PVP Eizper

If you are a gamer, you might be familiar with the PvP and PvE terms. PvP is short for player versus player, and PvE is short for player versus enemies. In PvP, the characters are controlled by humans. PvP supports direct competition between real human players. Meanwhile, in PvE, the characters are controlled by humans on one side, and by the system on the other side. You will be competing against the NPCs (Non-player-characters) controlled by the system. You might have your own preferences between these two gaming modes, but luckily, you can play both modes in Eizper Chain!

Eizper Chain is a fantasy-adventure game designed in the steampunk aesthetic. In Eizper Chain, you can beat unique mythical chimeras, befriend the townsfolk, and more! The storyline is also developing as the game goes on. If you love exploring an unknown land and beating chimeras, then this game is for you!

In the PvE mode, you can explore the land and beat the chimeras. There are different types of chimeras, such as the Lobus, Skeleton Chainsaw, Skeleton Glock, Necro Pirate  and also bosses like the Hulkjouster. The skill required varies between the enemies, so you have to train harder to beat some high-level enemies! In the upcoming Northern Mining Ground update, new chimeras will appear. These new chimeras have different specialties and thus, might be harder to beat than the pirate folks.

Feel like you’re not skilled enough to beat some chimeras? Worry not, you can train with Rudion in the Arena! The Arena is specially built for explorers who want to train their fighting skill. In the Arena, you can beat waves of chimeras, and thus, you will be tougher every time you practice in the Arena.

Beside the fighting, there are also some NPCs you can interact with. In Windenfel, you can upgrade your weapons by visiting Geovaldi, buy the things you need by visiting Mery and Chanty, and also train in the Arena under Rudion’s supervision. Seasonal quests also took place within the game and you often have to interact with these NPCs, so check Eizper Chain’s social media for recent quests and special event updates!

The PvP mode is currently being developed by Eizper Chain’s blacksmiths, so you have to wait a bit longer to play together with your friends. Meanwhile, you can train harder and be a pro explorer and warrior. So, later when you play together with other explorers, you can be the best!

Both PvP and PvE modes have their own pros and cons. They come with different difficulties and specialties, but what matters is how you play and train. Are you ready to be the greatest explorer in Eizper Chain?