Eizper Chain


Only the toughest and meanest enemies make it to be a Boss. Be at your most prepared for nail biting action and blood pumping battles when you stand in challenge of the worst of the worst.

“Don’t come near that one Lad. It won’t end well. But if you insist, look for an opening. Especially when he’s releasing steam. And never underestimate him. Being big doesn’t mean being slow”

– Rudion


A lumbering monstrosity of steam and steel. The Captain of the Cyroclone Pirates was once a knight serving under one of the distant kingdoms of Eizper. When the monarchy slowly abandoned peace and became tyrannical, he broke his sacred oaths and turned rogue. He left his homeland, joined the Cyroclone crew, and severed all ties and loyalty to his past. Since then, he rose through the ranks until he became Captain of the Cyroclone Pirates, and made sure everyone in the skies feared and would not dare to mess with them.

When the ship crashed and the crew malformed into the undead, the Captain held on to his steel will. Refusing to accept the demise of his hard-earned fame, he accepted to merge his maimed body with the ship’s own engine, and thus became the Hulkjouster.


The Hulkjouster is a very dangerous enemy. The best strategy against him would be to avoid attacks and look for an opening. The Hullbreaker likewise is a deadly move, but comes at a cost for the Jouster. Overheating causes the need for him to cool down and release his steam into the air, thus exposing weak parts within his engine.


Turbine Thrust

The Hulkjouster stabs the drill lance at adventurers, hoping to impale them.


The Hulkjouster swipes the drill lance sideways at adventurers, breaking ribs and body alike.


The Hulkjouster arms himself with a spiked knuckle, then launches himself in the air, to smash down on adventurers.


The Hulkjouster activates his back thrusters and his drill lance, then proceeds to launch himself at dangerous speed in the direction of adventurers.