Eizper Chain

Non-Playable Characters

Get acquinted with a wonderful cast of friendly and colorful inhabitants across the continents of Eizper. Each of them bringing unique personalities and exciting quests to enrich your story and enliven your adventures.

“Secrets won’t unravel themselves, y’know! So… bon appetit, this one goes down the hatch!”

Age                    : 15

Occupation : Healer Apprentice in Training

Hair color     : Brown

Eye color       : Blue


The beautiful Richelle takes after her mother during her youthful days. Richelle is energetic, smart, and has a particular soft place in her heart for nature. Growing up with the boarders, she sort of became everyone’s little sister.

Richelle occasionally trains with the miners in the Arena, but most often she is there with a herbal salve for a broken arm, or a calming root for one of the trainees to bite into as she heals up their wounds. Her talent with natural medicine and healing led her into an apprenticeship with Windenfel’s Surgeon. Everyone believes she will one day succeed the crazy doctor. Richelle and her mother have a difficult relationship. As much as they love each other, Richelle often finds Louisa to be overprotective of her.


Richelle provides you with Potions to brew. Completing her requests also unlocks new potions at Chanty’s shop.


A very crafty girl, Richelle sewed the spine of her Herbal Tome to a leather strap so she can easily carry it around everywhere.

Richelle doesn’t really like earrings because they make her ears itch. However, the pair she is wearing is a gift from her mother, so she keeps them on.

She secretly feels guilty about plucking flowers, so she only does so for brewing purposes. The flowers she puts on her hair are always flowers that have already fallen.

“The last guy who tried talking to a Chimera ended up in a muddy ditch. So shut yer mouths and get trainin!”

Age                   : 58

Occupation : Arena Trainer and Manager

Hair color     : Brown

Eye color       : Brown


Rudion Lowenhaus manages the Arena in Windenfel. Every bit the Lowenhaus warrior blood, he lost his right leg while battling a deadly mythical chimera. He lives with his grumpy wife, and the two of them are unable to have children. This strains their relationship even more, so Rudion throws all his attention and energy into training the young warriors of Windenfel.

As a member of the Council of Elders, Rudion is in charge of Windenfel’s various defenses and scouts. He hopes that someday a legendary warrior, tempered by flame and ash, will be born from his Warrior’s Den.


Rain always puts Rudion in a sour mood because his wooden leg becomes very slippery. It also pains the nerves around his stump.
He is always trying to grow out his beard, but it annoys him that it never has been able to reach the length of Geovaldi’s beard.

He mismatches his knee caps on purpose just to annoy his wife.


Rudion trains you into a Warrior at the Warrior’s Den.

“A good deal is one that’s good for you and me!”

Age                   : 13

Occupation : Merchant

Hair color     : Dark Brown

Eye color       : Green


An Adventurers’ daily needs is normally handled by the talkative and cheerful Chanty Singer, Mery’s only daughter. Bargaining with Chanty is always fun. In fact, many teenagers in Windenfel make purchases just to get a chance to talk with Chanty.

When she was little, Chanty innocently thought that one night she simply popped out of her mother. But now, Chanty occasionally wonders who her father was, and what has become of him, although Mery assures her that the two of them are just fine on their own. Chanty loves her mother fiercely, and she would never confide this to Mery, but Chanty secretly hopes to have a nice, boring, dependable husband whom she can grow old with.


Chanty sees to all your in-game buying and selling needs.


Breakfast is a big deal for Chanty. If she doesn’t get a large meal in the morning, she will be very cranky.
Chanty actually has healthy vision. She just likes the smart (read: nerdy) girl look that her glasses bestow.

She designed her own hat, and if she likes you enough, she just might design one for you too.

“We are here because great men and women forged the path for us. It is our duty to lead our youth to continue forging that path.”

Age                      : 65

Occupation  : Blacksmith

Hair color      : Light Grey

Eye color        : Black


A third generation blacksmith who is proud of his family’s reputation as infamous artisans of the iron forge. The weapons and armory coming out of a De Mirci smithy is known to bond with its wielders, and as such is highly sought after.

Very much a family man with a wife and three children, he looks forward to passing on his knowledge to the fourth generation of De Mirci blacksmiths, though his children’s lack of interest in the trade sometimes worry him. Geovaldi is also a member of the Elder Council of Windenfel.


Geovaldi loves his wife’s aglio e olio.
He considers forging to be very spiritual. He has his own special set of prayers which he recites before and after every forging.

Although his big burly build can look intimidating at first, Geovaldi refuses to kill even an insect if it unprovoked.


He can forge whatever weapon you desire.

“If you’re not having a good time, kiddo, then it’s not worth it.”

Age                    : 41

Occupation : Merchant and Auctioneer

Hair color     : Dark Brown

Eye color       : Hazel


Mery trades in rare artifacts and gizmos, and has a keen eye for the authenticity of items auctioned in the market.
As her name suggests, Mery’s motto is to enjoy life and be merry. For her, this translates to flirting outrageously with men (and sometimes women) of all backgrounds and origins. One of these flings resulted in her beloved daughter Chanty.

Don’t be fooled by her charms though, because as a lady merchant of Windenfel, Mery’s sharp senses are absolutely impenetrable when it comes to trading.


You can buy and sell loot and other rare items from Mery. Mery’s auctions also allow you to trade with other players in the Market.


Mery loves floral patterned tights because it brings out her sexy calves.

She only ever puts mascara on one eye! The other eye is her working eye, reserved only for her eyepiece.

Mery has a huge collection of various nail polish and always color codes them with her outfit.