Playable Characters

Meet the brave and wonderful playable heroes of Eizper! Courageous souls and wary warriors who are all ready to take you on many unforgettable adventures!

“The dungeons can be threatening. The darkness sometimes presses all around you. But remember the light at the end of the tunnel, and hope will always be with you.”

Age                    : 20

Occupation : Miner

Hair color     : Dark Brown

Eye color       : Dark Brown


Kriss is an orphan who grew up at the Regenfall Miner’s Home. While most of the other orphans were left with little to nothing of precious value, Kriss was left with his father’s Blade at the age of 7. His parents left Windenfel quickly and mysteriously, entrusting Kriss in the care of Louisa and Cael Regenfall.

Kriss often daydreams of all kinds of adventures, but sometimes he dreams of the one adventure where he would meet his parents again. Despite the trauma of being left behind by his parents, Kriss maintains a good-natured vibe even in the most dangerous mining escapades. When he is not mining, he is training under Rudion’s supervision.


Kriss is always trying to get his hair under control, but it has a life of its own.

He believes his adventures will one day lead him to his parents again.

Sometimes people find his determined positive attitude to be annoying.


Windswept Waltz

Kriss does five attacks in succession, slashing and thrusting enemies to shreds.

Whirlwind Slash

Kriss charges his sword and unleashes a spinning slash, pushing and damaging enemies back.

Tempest Thrust

Kriss charges up a powered thrust, which stabs through many enemies that stand before him.

“The monsters’ eyes haunt me, they make me feel small and powerless. But then I lift my chin and show them my unyielding spirit. I will not be afraid today.”

Age                    : 18

Occupation : Miner

Hair color     : Blue

Eye color       : Blue


Another orphan who grew up at the Regenfall Miner’s Home, Harly has no memories of her parents. All the adults say Harly’s parents were extremely poor and sickly. When a particular bout of plague caused by a mad chimera hit Windenfel, Harly’s parents did not make it. They left behind a screaming yet healthy baby girl, whom the Council of Windenfel entrusted to Louisa and Cael.

A hard worker and overachiever, Harly pushes herself to excel at everything she does – from archery to all manners of wild adventures, and even to risky mining escapades. She believes that in doing so, she can better protect and give back to the Regenfalls, whom Harly consider to be family.


Song of Arrows

Harly does five attacks in succession, flying Arrows at enemies all around.

Falling Star

Harly leaps into the air and shoots a powered shot down the ground, pushing and damaging enemies back.

Piercing Heavens

Harly charges up a huge shot, which pierces many enemies that stand before her.


Harly has a special arrow; a gift from Geovaldi because she once jumped into the Jula River to save his drowning son.

She regularly chats with Mery to get fashion advice.

Harly’s soft spot is Richelle. Harly will do anything to protect the younger girl.