Eizper Chain Announces Coinstore as $EIZ Token Listing Platform

Eizper Chain Announces Coinstore as $EIZ Token Listing Platform
July 17, 2023

The rapid expansion of Web3 technology in Indonesia has led to the emergence of numerous blockchain projects. These projects range from NFTs, cryptocurrencies, to play-to-earn games. Among the various blockchain projects in Indonesia, Eizper Chain has garnered significant attention.

Following their participation in Cryptalk 2022, an event organized by the Bandung Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) held at The Ritz Carlton Jakarta on October 18th, a number of Indonesian trade ministers and officials attended the meeting, including Jerry Sambuaga, Raine Renaldi, chairman The Digital Asset Committee of KADIN Bandung, BAPPEBTI which regulates the crypto industry in Indonesia,, venture capitals, as well as several international blockchain projects such as VCGamers and Kunci Coin, Eizper Chain have revealed Coinstore as their preferred global scale cryptocurrency exchange platform for the launch of $EIZ tokens on July 5th, 2023.

The first-ever Indonesian blockchain-powered online game platform for ARPG (Action Role Playing Game), Eizper Chain, is confident about the listing of the $EIZ token. Besides being a globally trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform, Coinstore's established collaboration with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) guarantees a secure environment for crypto enthusiasts to conduct their transactions.

Eizper Chain

Eizper Chain is an Indonesian game that merges the concepts of Free-to-Play (F2P) and Play-and-Earn (PnE). Essentially, users have the opportunity to play games while simultaneously generating income through the implementation of blockchain technology.

Not only does this game captivate its audience with stunning steampunk-themed graphics, it also expanded its reach by introducing a mobile version that supports multiplayer mode. This allows players to engage with each other within the same game environment or level. Additionally, the game instills a sense of pride for Indonesia, as Eizper Chain achieved an impressive 3rd place in the Global Solana Hackathon Ignition held in November 2021, surpassing over 5000 blockchain projects from across the globe.

Powered by the Solana, Eizper Chain adopts a distinctive economic model that distinguishes it from other blockchain projects. Users are encouraged to actively engage with the game, encompassing activities such as immersing themselves in the captivating world of Eizper, enhancing character abilities, and fortifying equipment and weapons to a specific threshold in order to mint NFTs.

Recently, ID OpenTech has partnered with Eizper Chain for the ongoing project. Eizper Chain has gained support from various notable individuals and organizations, including Arnold Poernomo, WENGIE of NyanHeroes, Jack T of Avocado Dao, Ivan Lam, Ian Lam, Genopets, AAG Ventures, Solar Eco Fund, QCP Capital, ROK Capital, Avocado Dao, Play It Forward, Huobi Ventures, Tokocrypto, Floem Capital, Petrock Capital, Kernel Ventures, Capital, CMS, Solana Insiders, Defi Capital, Capital S, DIB Ventures, Master Ventures, Alameda Research, MH Ventures, Crypto Kudasai, IOBC Capital, Dreamboat Capital, Contango Digital Assets, ASER Ventures, BIP 32, Oracles Investment Group (OIG), RocketOne, Crypto Society, CatcherVC, Good Games Guild, BRI Ventures (BVI), Metrix Capital, and Hafen Ventures.


Headquartered in Singapore, Coinstore aims to introduce affordability and enjoyment to the financial sector. The transactions facilitated on the Coinstore cater to users spanning across Asia and the global community.

Coinstore boasts distinctive benefits in contrast to other cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Some of these advantages includes:

  1. Established Strategic Collaboration with KADIN

    In accordance with the prevailing regulations in Indonesia, it is mandatory for every cryptocurrency asset to be listed on the global market exchange prior to legal trading within the country. Therefore, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) actively collaborates with Coinstore to propel the growth and development of the crypto asset ecosystem.
  1. Minimal Exchange Fees

    Minimal transaction fees are highly regarded by beginners in cryptocurrency exchanges. These low fees provide users with the ability to trade cryptocurrencies without incurring significant losses.
  1. Easy-to-Use Interface

    Coinstore aims to simplify transactions, particularly for beginners, by offering a user-friendly interface. While many platforms provide both simple and complex interface options, the key distinguishing factor is the fee structure. Opting for a simple and user-friendly interface might involve higher expenses, while choosing a more complex display with added technical elements, which may be less suitable for beginners, comes at a lower cost.
  1. Low Withdrawal Fees

    Like many other financial platforms, Coinstore imposes withdrawal fees. The precise fees for withdrawing each cryptocurrency may differ. However, it's worth noting that the fees for cryptocurrency withdrawals are remarkably cost-effective.
  1. Extensive Range of Listed Cryptocurrencies

    At present, Coinstore offers over 30 cryptocurrencies and is expected to expand further. The wide range of cryptocurrencies available serves the needs of individuals looking to expand their investment portfolios with various options.