Play & Earn

Blockchain-based ARPG Game

Eizper Chain is a blockchain action multiplayer role-playing game that is fun to play but also has the aspect of earning.

Currency incentivise is a method where blockchain game developers do "money printing" to give their players big rewards. However, in the long run, the player will receive lesser income due to the token's inflation rate.

Eizper Chain implements a genuine economic model different from most blockchain projects where they do incentive income.

Eizper Chain encourages the player to play the game, explore the Eizper realm, level up characters, and upgrade armors and weapons to a certain level to be able to mint NFTs. This process allows the player to earn money that gradually increases.


From trading items to purchasing event tickets, Eizper Chain has a few currencies that can be used to acquire in-game necessities and earn crypto. The currency serves as a reward for completing time-controlled activities in-game.


Basic in-game currency, used in purchasing and selling items. Easy to obtain and comes in unlimited amount.

Eizper Shard

Currently, it functions as a temporary token, and will be replaced by E1Z Coin after Token Generation Event (TGE).

E1Z Coin

On-chain currency used as the top-up currency. Limited amount, stacking, and exchangeable to other cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

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Eizper Chain’s NFTs are designed to have a variety of benefits. Apart from being part of your awesome personal collection and tradeable digital illustrations, they will also possess in-game advantages that directly affect gameplay styles.

NFT types:

  • NPCs

  • Unlock Playable 5 – star Kriss
  • Unique Skills & Traits
  • Exclusive Character Quest

  • Unlock Playable 5 – star Harly
  • Unique Skills & Traits
  • Exclusive Character Quest
  • 10% Discount on every purchase (item, cosmetic item, vending machine) (+ 5% for stellar)
  • 20% extra gold when selling monster loot
  • Get a 10% discount when crafting, upgrading & forging equipment
  • Increased upgrade rate by 10% (+ 5% for Stellar)

  • 10% discount on marketplace fee (+ 5% for stellar)
  • Earn 5% global revenue from marketplace fee

  • Gain extra rewards for every completed quest in-game
  • Gain double environmental item loots (Triple loots for Stellar)
  • Obtain a 15% bonus reward for completing challenges in the arena (+ 5% for stellar)
  • Earn 5% global revenue from arena event ticket

  • Double drop on Necro Pirate loot
  • Decrease Necro Pirate damage to a player by 15% (+ 5% for stellar)

  • Double drop on Skeleton Glock loot
  • Decrease Skeleton Glock damage to the player by 15% (+ 5% for stellar)

  • Double drop on Skeleton Chainsaw loot
  • Decrease Skeleton Chainsaw damage to a player by 15% (+ 5% for stellar)

  • Double drop on Hulkjouster loot
  • Decrease Hulkjouster damage to the player by 15% (+ 5% for stellar)

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Multi-Tier Weapon & Armour System

Eizper Chain has a multi-tier weapon and armoury system, making it stand out among other P2E or blockchain-based games.

Multi-Player System

Eizper Chain is developing a multiplayer system that makes it more exciting by incorporating an e-sport feature into the game.