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Blockchain-Based ARPG

Eizper Chain is the first blockchain-based ARPG (Action Role Playing Game) in Indonesia that carries the F2P/PNE (Free-to-Play/Play-and-Earn) concept. The game features a high fantasy, with high-quality graphics, and an in-game economy powered by Solana blockchain technology.

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Our Growing Global Community

Follow our real-life exciting journey in building the better game for our community, also to provide the opportunity for the players to earn while having fun.

More about Eizper Chain


What is the meaning of "Eizper" ?

The name “Eizper” was derived from the word ESPer (Extra Sensory Perception) it means someone who can claim the reception of information not through physical senses but senses of the mind like a sixth sense or seventh sense. It was inspired by the world in the Eizper Chain game itself. It was once a beautiful place that turned into a nightmare world infested with beasts called chimeras. In order to survive, some people have developed a new special skill to fight the beast which is called Eizper (ESPer). The second word, “Chain” comes from the blockchain technology that is supporting the game.


What makes Eizper Chain different from other blockchain-based ARPG games?

There are a few killer features from Eizper Chain that makes it different from any other similar games, unlike any other blockchain-based games Eizper Chain has a multi-tier weapon and armor system. Additionally, Eizper Chain has a multiplayer system that makes it more exciting to be played and keep player from getting bored.

This multiplayer system is also one of the things that will enable them to embeded an e-sport element into the game.Eizper Chain solves this problem by creating a user-friendly blockchain game for all traditional gamers. If you try Eizper Chain and go to their market place you can log in by using your email account and by that we have already created an Eizper wallet. So for a traditional gamer who wants to play the game, you don’t need to create your own wallet. You can play the game by connecting the NFT or Phantom Wallet to the game.


How does Eizper Chain's Economic Model work?

Eizper Chain implements a real economic model that is different from most blockchain projects where they do incentive income. Currency incentivize is a method where blockchain game developer does "money printing" to give their player big rewards. In the long run, player will received lesser income due to the inflation rate of the token goes up.

The future of Play and Earn Game

As the first Indonesian blockchain-based ARPG, we are proud to be backed by some big names in the blockchain and gaming space (Crypto.com, Huobi Ventures, AAG Ventures, and Avocado DAO, just to name a few).

Here’s a little back story on how we got our first seed investor in the Eizper Chain project: we met them in Lisbon and presented them with our project complete with Eizper Chain’s ready-to-play game prototype. Within 10 minutes, they agreed to invest in our project because we came to them with a real game that is ready to be played not only with ideas and a pitch deck.

Eizper Chain has more than 40 entities (VCs, Game Guild, E-Sport Organisation, KOLs and Angels) as our investors and strategic partnership at the moment.

Our Journey

We have quite an exciting, collaborative journey from the game's inception to the going phase, where our gaming community and backers can make it a better platform!

Our Roadmap
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Lao Tzu

Q3 2021
  • Created the Core Team
  • Started building the Game Project
  • Developed website & social media channels



The name “Eizper” was derived from the word ESPer (Extra Sensory Perception) it means someone who can claim the reception of information not through physical senses but senses of the mind like a sixth sense or seventh sense.

Q4 2021
  • Released playable Alpha version
  • Workable NFT Auction
  • Won the 3rd place in Solana Hackathlon 2021
  • Open Seed Round investment
Q1 2022
  • Released playable Beta version
  • NFT Blockchain integration with the game project
  • Opened Private NFT Round
  • Created Eizper Chain Marketplace

We have many different mechanics intended to fuel a healthy in-game economy. Many projects in the blockchain space, especially gaming, use currency incentivizing. The result is a higher inflation rate causing players to abandon the game for another project, which then causes the token price to drop. That’s why we didn’t opt for the currency incentivization model, but rather a more natural economic model that drives players to create NFTs themselves inside the game.

Ferry Purnama, CMO

Q2 2022
  • INO of Windernfell Collection in six different launchpads
  • Open Strategic and Private Round investment
  • Developed Smart Contract
  • Developed Mobile Version
  • Fixing bugs and increase HDRP quality
Q3 2022
  • Open NFT Holder Round investment
  • Add more characters, NPCs, enemies & a new map
Q4 2022
  • Smart Contract Auditing
  • Release Close-Pre-Alpha Version of the mobile version
To wake up every day with a choice to do what we love to do, build meaningful relationships and do great work.

Follow our journey and discover more about our vision!