Game Updates

One step closer to the mobile version!

Since the game's first release, many players have been asking about Eizper Chain's mobile version.
September 7, 2022

Dear Eizperians,

Our sincerest thanks to all players who have supported us and participated in the Open Beta Test of the Eizper Chain’s PC version. Eizper Chain project wouldn’t make it this far without all the support from players and the community. This will not be possible without all the feedback from you, Eizperians. Therefore, we would like to focus on developing the mobile version of Eizper Chain and optimizing the PC version.

The eizperians who have downloaded and played Eizper Chain since the Alpha Test will still be able to play this game. However, the download link will not be available for new players on 7 September 2022. This Close Beta version is only available for players who obtain the download link until an unspecified time.

Since the game's first release, many players have been asking about Eizper Chain's mobile version. While the previous announcement may cause inconvenience for some players, please don't worry because we also have good news on our sleeves to cheer you up. As a game developer, Eizper Chain's community is why we keep evolving; thus, we are now answering your questions to satisfy our loyal players.

By developing the Mobile Version, we aim to spread the joy and the fun of Eizper Chain's Play-and-Earn gameplay to as many devices and players as possible.

Eizperians may wonder about the differences between Eizper Chain's Mobile and PC versions. One of the major updates is the graphic overhaul; Eizper Chain's new mobile version consists of a brand-new visual effect.

Here are the lists of all new features that will be added to the new mobile version:

Dungeons are randomly generated
Custom character stats
Still unsure? we got you!
Working multiplayer
Better camera and animation
Aiming assist

We look forward to the day we gather again in the Eizper realm. Please stay tuned and follow our social media for the latest information and update about the project.